construction of a new Magazzino used for the processing of the apple product in Verzuolo.


the most significant investments are concentrated in this two-year period: six new refrigerated rooms with controlled atmosphere are built, three loading ramps and two anti-cells. In addition, the square at the back of the Magazzino is enlarged, to be used for the storage of bins.


Sanifrutta obtains the first EurepGap certification for the warehouses of Costigliole Saluzzo and Verzuolo together with five contributing farms.


important investments in the two plants of the cooperative in structures and machines. Sanifrutta obtains the first GlobalGAP certification in option 2, together with 18 contributing farms.


expansion of the facilities and development of new pre-calibration and packaging lines at the Verzuolo plant for the processing of the apple product. The Company Quality System is further implemented, with the achievement of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 certifications.


Sanifrutta joins the Crimson Snow club, the new “limited edition” Marchchio apple tree (from the English crimson: “purple red skin” and snow: “white pulp”). Installation of a photovoltaic system on part of the roof of the Costigliole Saluzzo plant.


further expansion at the Costigliole Saluzzo facility with the construction of a new warehouse used for temporary storage of packaging and the installation of 12 new cold rooms.


Sanifrutta enhances its Quality system by integrating the aspect of Safety in the workplace along the lines of the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard.


Important expansion for Magazzino di Verzuolo: 10 cells are built for the storage of fresh product. The packaging plants are also being expanded and modernized